In the old olive mill


precious oil is made...


Extra Virgin

olive oil

Four Generations

Ribatti-labeled Extra Virgin olive oil is the result of competence, passion and experimentation, which have made it a unique product of excellence for four generations.

Ribatti Ribatti

Our precious and genuine olive oil is characterized by low acidity
and a pleasant yet intense flavor with aromatic notes that are preserved over time.
Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil embodies the authentic taste from the flourishing land of Puglia.

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The tasting

In the case of the Extra Virgin olive oil, it is the smell, from among the five senses, what must guide the tasting, a fundamental step in demonstrating its organoleptic features.

How to recognize an Extra Virgin olive oil of excellence

Extra Virgin olive oil is the precious food/condiment par excellence and should be a part of everyone’s daily diet.

Our Land

Ribatti Extra Virgin olive oil comes only from the exquisite “Coratina” olive variety, characterized by a pleasant bitter and spicy flavor, which indicates a very high quality level.

The variety, also known as Coratina olive, is typically yielded within the territory of Corato and its surrounding areas, where the cultivation of olive trees has been a craft handed down from generation to generation with passion and competence.

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The culture of olive oil

Olive oils have different nutritional characteristics and gastronomic properties depending on the plant species they come from and the extraction technique used.

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The production process begins with defoliation and ends with final mechanical centrifugation and extraction.

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Extra Virgin olive oil

Always at the center of the table!

The company “Olio Ribatti S.a.s.” from Corato (BA) represents the family-run business par excellence, closely linked to the territory and the products it is capable of offering.

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